Beginner Level

You get practice in the following four language skills: pronunciation/speaking, writing, listening and reading Norwegian. After completing the beginner level you will be able to present yourself, discuss matters such as family relationships, living conditions, study situations, work, holidays and leisure, tourist attractions and food and drink. Finally, you will be familiar with the main rules of Norwegian grammar covered in the course. Written assignments must be submitted on each class day.

All course participants are required to purchase and bring the following books: På vei, both the text- and workbook (2012 edition). På vei can be purchased in all bigger bookstores in Oslo.

You need to have a working knowledge of English to follow the classes at the beginner level, as it is used in explanations about grammar. Beginner1 doesn’t require any Norwegian knowledge. 

One teaching lesson is equal to 55 min. A regular class lasts 180 minutes including a 15 minute break.

The next beginner level course is the summer course.