MedNorwegian is especially designed for health care personnel who wish to obtain basic Norwegian language skills parallel to acquiring health care terminology. We focus on developing communicative skills needed in health care and medical settings right from the beginning.

The MedNorwegian course is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. At the beginner level we concentrate on pronunciation and work with everyday and health care vocabulary. The intermediate level includes speaking practice with patients, learning more grammar and working on texts relevant to health care personnel. At the advanced level we work with oral and written reports from morning rounds, communicating with patients and learn about Norwegian Health Care System. The Beginners2 and Intermediate2 respectively end with final oral and written tests qualifying for the next level.

We use På vei by Elisabeth Ellingsen and Kirsti MacDonald (text- and workbook, 2012 edition) at the beginner level. At the intermediate level we use Grunnbok i helsenorsk by Else Ryen and Lasse Morten Johannesen (text- and workbook). Helsenorsk written by the same authors (text- and workbook), is used at the advanced level. The books can be bought in all bigger bookstores in Oslo. The teacher will also provide materials containing expressions related to medical and health care environments.

The beginner and intermediate level courses require a working knowledge of English.